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3 Benefits of Salt Soap Bars

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I will admit that the first thought that crossed my mind when I heard of a salt bar was: Why the heck would anyone want to wash with soap? Wouldn't it be drying?

Then I kept seeing my fellow soap makers creating them, so I bit. I had to make them for myself. When I made them and tried them for the first time I was sold.

What are the benefits of this lovely salt soap bar?

1. Naturally Exfoliates, Gently
As a person with sensitive skin, I thought salt would be extremely rough on my skin. As a precaution I took my pink Himalayan
salt and ground it up into a fine powder. This helped to distribute the salt evenly through the bar and helped it gently exfoliate the skin without being too scratchy. 

As with any exfoliate, you should only use it sparingly, every other day at most, to give your skin time to regenerate. However, not all salt bars are created line this one. Some are much harsher on sensitive skin. Get the gentle one I used here.

2. Adds minerals to the skin
Natural salt is loaded with tons of minerals and nutrients like potassium and iron. Natural salt is great both for ingesting into your stomach as well as pampering your skin. It is unlike table salt which has had its nutritional benefits stripped away.

3. Leaves your skin smooth and soft
Because the dead skin is removed, salt soap bars leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. I couldn't believe how supple my skin was after using it.

What do you have to lose? Try it out and see what all of the rave is about. The Body Buffet offers a variety of soap bars. Click here to explore our selection.

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