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Bentonite Clay: "Superfood" for Hair

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Bentonite clasy is a superfood

In a quest for ways of maximizing conditioning for my hair, I researched for months until I came across bentonite clay. Derived from volcanic ash, it is grayish brown in color, bentonite clay naturally conditions, naturally cleans, and naturally draws out grease and build-up that can be caused by many products or from sweat and dirt.

I have noticed a considerable difference in my hair since I began using it. My hair feels cleaner and more conditioned. The added bonus is that if you have any curls, it can really define them. And now I am completely in love with using it in hair care and beard care products. Since clay can be a pain to rinse out of hair, this is why I turned it into our first liquid shampoo and I have added to our creamy beard wash.

Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself with a simple water and clay hair mask or for a less messy application, try our bentonite clay shampoo or our beard wash.

Tip: Be sure to rinse your hair until no more "cloudiness" comes from it when you squeeze water out, to ensure all of the clay has been removed. 


Beard Wash for Coarse Hair  Bentonite Clay Detox Shampoo

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