Self-Care Sunday: All Work and No Play

If you’re anything like me, you have a strong work ethic and put 100%+ into anything you work on, especially if you have your own business. From a young age I learned the value of hard work, mainly from my parents. Whether it was in school, developing my writing skills, or working, I made sure to give it my all. 
However what I didn’t learn (and what I am still learning today), is how to play just as hard. Learning how to rest just as hard. Learning how to go to bat for my own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being is also challenging. Whether it is simply hanging out with friends or trying something new, I realize that I set goals for everything else, but I have forgotten to set goals for my personal life. We go through great efforts to plan work, why don’t we spend some of the same effort to plan play? 
Yes, I preach about rest, however I believe that play balances out work and rest. I believe it is the happy medium between both worlds since it usually involves stimuli, whether mental, creative, or otherwise. Before I learned to work, I had hours upon hours of playtime. But somehow we are conditioned to stop playing as we grow up. What do I mean by play? Play time as an adult means doing something creative like BYOB painting, eating at a fun restaurant where you are encouraged to dance on the tables, going for laser tag, miniature golf, bowling; having a group of friends over for game night etc. 
Several years ago I used to make a list of fun things to try for the year, but it stopped because I never made the list a priority. Now, as I age into my 30s I am getting cabin fever. My days are spent working--either at my day job or working on business.  I haven’t spent enough time with friends or family. The most I have done is tried new food places, but my interests go beyond food (though incorporating food in those interests is also a goal lol). 
As the warmer weather approaches, I am going to run out of my lame excuses of not doing anything due to the cold weather. I read more and more memes that say the older we get, the more staying at home and doing nothing sounds fantastic. I also see memes that have adopted my philosophy of spending days sans pants (and now my bf has jumped on the bandwagon lol). As great as not having to wear leg prisons sounds, we can’t neglect the importance of play. We have to be intentional about scheduling fun time just as much as work and rest time. Sometimes we worry about balance but don’t take the practical steps to get there. 
It is as simple as making a list of things you enjoy doing the most and planning them out on a calendar; but also being open to impromptu fun as well. Here is my list below. What is one thing on yours?
  1. Line dancing
  2. Laser tag
  3. Chocolate tour
  4. Making veggie sushi
  5. Learning canning
  6. Visiting a chocolate winery
  7. Escape the room
  8. A murder mystery party
  9. Game night with friends

Make your own list and take it as seriously as you would any other to do list!
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