Self-Care Sunday: Self-Care = Self-Love


Thank you so much for two weeks of sharing, celebrating, and spreading #projselflove! We are concluding with this list of small things that you can do to take care of yourself today. Whether you are celebrating Valentine's or not, taking care of yourself is vital to recharging your batteries so that you can be your best-self for your family, friends, and career. Read and share with others who need to relax!

1. Run yourself a nice hot bath, and choose your favorite Body Buffet product to indulge your skin with, light a candle or two and just RELAX. Take time to reflect and enjoy your own company.

  1. Unplug/switch off from all your devices, even if it’s just for an hour. Use this time to think about YOU, what YOU want, your forgotten dreams, where you’d like to go and do.
  1. Create a playlist or get old school and make a CD mixtape of your favorite mood enhancing songs, then go somewhere alone and have your own jam session.
  1. Go and pick yourself some beautiful flowers for yourself, then take the time to prepare (or cheat and get your favorite takeout) your favorite meal. Even if it means spending all afternoon in the kitchen, do it for yourself (and hey you’ll have leftovers all week).
  1. Explore your city, wherever you are in the world, go and find something new. Check out that new restaurant, take a trip to that music venue you haven’t had a chance to yet. Stumble upon somewhere beautiful. Take yourself out and explore.
  1. Sometimes I like nothing better than to go to my nearest coffee shop, pick a quiet corner and people watch. Purchase your favorite drink in size Grande and waste an hour or two watching the world go by.
  1. If you have an old stack of magazines, spend a morning or afternoon cutting out pictures and words that you like to create a creative wall or vision board.
  1. Go and get a massage! We mentioned before ways toself-massagebut now it’s time to pamper yourself a bit more. Put your hair up and leave your face make-up less, get the longest massage you can afford and let the knots in your body melt away.
  1. Put some mood lighting on and re-read your favorite book. Turn off all distractions and just immerse yourself into those characters you know and love.
  1. Pick up a piece of paper and write down the five things you’re most grateful for today and while you’re at it, write a list of the things you enjoy most in life - if you’re feeling creative why not turn this into a gratitude journal. Journal’s don’t have to be boring, make it colorful and fun, add sparkles and quotes and pictures. Get stuck into it while remembering all the wonderful things about life.
  1. DE-clutter your life! One of the most satisfying things is clearing out the old to make way for the new. Dust away those cobwebs from your life. Go through every drawer and cupboard disposing of what no longer serves you a purpose. Clear out your wardrobe, get rid of those photos of your ex, banish anything that doesn’t make you feel good. By doing this, you’ll start attracting positivity into your life and you’ll be able to move forward.


The Body Buffet creates handmade artisan soap, shampoo, conditioners, spa bars, beard care, body wash and more for Baltimore, the DMV, and beyond. We have been creating conditioning skin-loving, hair-loving, since 2009. Visit our shop at Marquita Johl is the soaper-in-chief and a self-care advocate. She has been crafting soap for eleven years.

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