The Benefits of Using Handmade Shaving Soap

I will admit that when I started my natural beauty care journey, I hardly gave thought to switching products I didn't use very often like shaving cream. In fact, I was so oblivious to the shaving cream I used, I doubt I had ever even given the label much thought. In contrast, I spent countless hours obsessing over body soap and shampoo ingredients and educating myself on the list of chemicals in them. 
However, when I finally thought about it shaving cream earlier this year, it prompted me to start looking at ALL of the products I used on my body.  And it gave me a goal: to eradicate all unnatural body and cleaning products before the end of the year. It was a doable goal, seemingly achievable when I made the declaration at the beginning of the year. But now in November, while I have achieved a lot, I still have a long way to go. Shaving soap was my first project enroute toward achieving this goal.
Qualities of Old Fashioned Handmade Shaving Soap
My shaving soap was one of the first things to cross off my list. I aimed for all of the factors that make a great shaving soap including the longevity of the lather, the creaminess of the lather, and the slip of the of the lather. I achieved all factors and was able to do so without using animal fat.
How to use shaving soap
The biggest challenge was learning how to use it. In order to create the best lather, you have to build it up in the bowl using a shaving brush before application. With a little water and swirling techniques with the brush, it becomes second nature after a couple of times. I admittedly love playing with the brush and doing a lather challenge for myself each time I use it.
Unisex Toxic-Free Shaving
While more focus is placed on the genders when it comes to things like shaving, especially old-fashioned shaving, the shaving soap works for both males and females. Because it's unscented, it is great for the more sensitive areas of the body as well. It doesn't contain toxic chemicals or preservatives.
The Body Buffet creates handmade artisan soap, shampoo, conditioners, spa bars, beard care, body wash and more for Baltimore, the DMV, and beyond. We have been creating conditioning skin-loving, hair-loving, since 2009. Visit our shop at Marquita Johl is the soaper-in-chief. She has been crafting soap for eleven years.

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