About Us: History

Our mission is to create chemical-free skin and hair care products. We believe that plant-based ingredients like essential oils, fruits, vegetables, and herbs positively contribute to promoting healthy hair and skin. 

Since 2009, The Body Buffet has been creating all natural plant-based, vegan hair and skin care products. Every shampoo, conditioner, spa bar, beard wash, body wash, and artisan soap is handmade from high-quality, fresh ingredients. We currently have more than 26 different items on the market, all made from scratch.

We aim to live healthier, more sustainable lives inside and out. 

We do not test on animals and all of our products are plant-based and vegan.

We are black-owned and female-owned. 

Before you purchase, if you have allergy concerns, please contact us first.

Thank you so much for supporting our business.




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