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Bentonite Clay Clarifying Shampoo, Liquid All Natural Handmade with Apple Cider Vinegar & Argan Oil


Our Bentonite Clarifying Liquid Shampoo frees your hair of toxins and silicone-based products. The Bentonite Clay which cleanses, conditions, and removes toxins. Glycerin, along with Argan and Castor oils condition while the apple-cider vinegar combined with the coconut oil works to cleanse the hair. This detox the hair in preparation for use with shampoo bars and/or removes build up like silicone from the hair. This is our 

For best results only use on CLEAN hair and only use a couple of times a month. Read more at before purchasing.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay which cleanses, conditions, and removes toxins. Coconut oil soap works to cleanse the hair. Apple-cider vinegar (ACV) and coconut oil help cleanse the hair. Castor Oil, Glycerin and Argan oil help nourish the hair.

Scent: Select from lavender mint, unscented, rosemary (not for pregnant or nursing women), or let us know if you want to custom order a scent.

Color: This has no additional colorants and is all natural in coloring.

Hair type: For most hair types, especially dry hair.

Usage (Frequency, Type, How-to): We suggest using natural shampoo, or other non-silicone based shampoo for best results. Wait a day or two before washing hair again with our clarifying shampoo. Use a tablespoon and work into hair from roots to end. Add more as needed. Work up a lather then rinse with water. Rinse until water squeezed from hair runs CLEAR (it may take several rinses for thicker hair and locs). For best results, use up to twice per month on CLEAN hair.  Avoid eyes, nose and mouth. Please keep in mind that when transitioning from commercial shampoo to natural shampoo, your hair might appear to have build up that come from the fillers. Stick with it. Use apple cider vinegar rinses and dry shampoo to "detox" the hair. Read more about transitioning here:

Variations: All soap has variations since each one is handcrafted. Your purchase will be similar to the item shown but will have variations in appearance.

Allergies:  As with all of our products, please let us know if you have any allergies.

Shipping: If you need expedited shipping, please indicate so at checkout. If you aren't sure about shipping time frames, please e-mail us in advance if you need it by a certain date.

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