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Oat Milk & Neem Oil Handmade Artisan Vegan Lotion For Itchy Skin


Do you have irritated skin? Whether caused by health issues, weather conditions, or bug bites, our Oat Milk Lotion helps soothe itching skin. It includes shea butter that has been infused with neem, calendula petals, and cumin seeds. It also has peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and cypress essential oils. Available in regular or sample size.



Ingredients: Shea butter and oat milk provide conditioning. All of the oils were infused with calendula petals, black cumin seed powder, and neem powder.

Scent: This lotion has peppermint, lavender, cypress, and tea tree essential oils. The peppermint stands out the most.

Color: The lotion is colored with the natural color from the oils.

Skin type: For most skin types. Not recommended for those with sensitivity to fragrances. Not recommended for use by women pregnant in their first trimester.

Usage (Restrictions, Frequency, Type, How-to): Not recommended for use by women pregnant in their first trimester. Apply to dry skin.

Variations: All products have variations since each one is handcrafted. Your purchase will be similar to the item shown but will have variations in appearance.

Allergies: As with all of our products, please let us know if you have any allergies.

Shipping: If you need expedited shipping, please indicate so at checkout. If you aren't sure about shipping time frames, please e-mail us in advance if you need it by a certain date.


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